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Is your child weak in Math problem sums?  Is your child struggling with English comprehension?  Does your child score well for Science section A, but completely bombs section B?

We have seen it all.

At Intellicat, 100% of our primary school students pass their PSLE every year, with average grades of As and Bs.  These students weren’t doing that well in Primary 5-6, as many of them were still failing their subjects.  However, at Intellicat, our tutors may have found the right methods for saving these students from failure.  


Your child’s success depends on how early you take remedial actions.  Don’t expect quick fixes as education and learning periods vary from child to child.

Your child has a higher chance of success the earlier you start.Anderson compressed

From our own personal observations, the students who stuck with us the longest are reaping the benefits now in Secondary School.  They were average students in Primary School, but began topping their cohorts in Secondary school. While every other student is struggling with syllabus changes, our students at Intellicat are well-prepared to tackle any obstacle in their path.  All it takes for the child is just perseverance, discipline, focus and a determination to do well.


If you stay near Hougang / Kovan, you are in luck.  

At Intellicat, 

– We turn complicated concepts into simple ideas.

– We operate in small groups, 4-8 students per class.

– We provide support and motivate your child.

– Our lessons are customised for your child.

– We focus on producing results.

– We make learning fun.


Still need more convincing?  Check out our unique culture, success stories and study tips in our Intellicat blog.

If you stay too far and don’t plan to sign up, it’s okay.  You can still subscribe to us to receive free learning materials, (worksheets, study guides, ebooks), that will be helpful for your child’s studies.  Just enter your email below!

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