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Opening More Classes!

Due to limited vacancies and overwhelming demand for our weekend classes, we will be opening more classes during the weekdays to cater to your child.  Do contact us at 6280 6841 to tell us your preferred time slots.

A Big Welcome to Mdm Chen

We are pleased to welcome Mdm Chen, a retired primary school teacher with more than 30 years of experience in teaching English, Math and Science. Our students are very excited to see her as most of them were taught by her in their school before.

Tuition Subjects that we offer

  • Maths Tuition

Under supervised guidance from our tutors in Maths tuition, our students will be trained to solve a multitude of Maths problems.  Not only does our Math tuition focus on practice, we emphasize strongly on the thought processes required in solving complex math problems.  Our Math Tutors will also identify topics that our students will weak in and work out a customized lesson plan for them. In Maths tuition, students are encouraged to share their own solutions in class. This enables them to learn from one another, making Maths tuition more fun and interactive.

  • English Tuition

English tuition starts with the foundation building of basic grammar and proper sentence construction.  New vocabulary will also be introduced every lesson by our English tutors.  Frequent practice on oral and comprehension will also be carried out in tune to the new syllabus changes. More advanced students will also learn how to think critically, formulate arguments and write out well-structured English essays. For languages like English, it is strongly advisable to start young! Therefore, do sign up for our English tuition classes fast!

  • Science Tuition

Science involves logical and analytical skills which our science tutors will instill into our students.  Extensive memory work is also required; hence in Science tuition, our Science tutors will highlight important concepts or definitions to remember for every topic.  A summary of each Science chapter will also be done to help students recall all the main points with ease. Experiments are conducted regularly in Science tuition classes, to enable students to understand real life applications.

  • Chemistry Tuition

Many students struggle with Chemistry but in our Chemistry tuition, our Chemistry tutors provide customised lesson plans for the students so that all their misconceptions are cleared.  Our Chemistry tutors will also show the students how to memorise complex information easily and provide the appropriate practices needed to score well for the exams. Many students have shown great improvements after attending our Chemistry tuition.

  • Physics Tuition

Physics is another subject that some Secondary and Junior College students struggle with.  In Physics tuition, our physics tutors will focus on the concepts and main points of each topic before training the students to tackle more complicated problems.  Practice will be given so that the students can take their exams with confidence.

  • GP (General Paper) Tuition

Junior College students dread GP the most as it is one of the hardest subjects.  However, GP tuition at Intellicat Tuition School will expand and broaden your mind so that you will be equipped with the critical-thinking skills needed to formulate and pen out a good GP essay.  Students with poor English fundamentals would have to start with a customised lesson plan first.  Students are encouraged to share their views and debate each other in GP tuition.

Intellicat Tuition - English, Science, Maths, Physics, Chemistry & GP Tuition

Why Choose Intellicat Tuition School?

  • A fun and wholesome learning culture.

  • Qualified tutors who motivate, encourage and stretch the students to their full potential.

  • Small class size of 8 encourages students’ participation and sharing of ideas which fosters learning.

  • Pace of learning and topics covered are catered to the unique learning requirements of each student

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More About Intellicat

Intellicat Tuition School was founded in 1998 and has been a popular tuition centre amongst residents in Kovan, Hougang, Serangoon, Seng Kang and Punggol.  Started out focusing on primary school English, Intellicat now comprises of an all-rounded team specializing in English, Math and Science subjects.  Many residents in the area (Hougang, Kovan) can attest to the quality tuition services provided by Intellicat.  Furthermore, many of our students have been with us since they were in kindergarten.  Doesn’t that count as a good testimonial?

Brandon and Berliss with Intellicat - Science, English, Physics, Maths, Chemistry & GP Tuition